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Are you looking to expand your business to the United States? Ila Lee is proven to make dreams happen. 

Each business decision you make should be filled with confidence and undeniable trust. Ilona and her seasoned team of experts help you enter and grow your business in the US.  Finding the perfect partner will save you valuable time, effort and cost.  

Ila Lee Group -

is Business Development firm that focuses on the international growth of brands within art, design & lifestyle industry through brand development, sales, marketing, licensing, distribution and financing. 

Ila Lee Group works closely with truly skilled artisans and designers to build their businesses into nationally recognized brands. Ila Lee  Group's clients are considered as some of the most premier talents in their field, creating unique art & designs with impeccable vision and execution. 

Founded by Ilona Lee, the group has become a driving force behind the market expansion of international artists, designers, and lifestyle brands and continues to develop their portfolio throughout Europe and the Americas.

Success is not counted by how high you have climbed but by how many people you brought with you.
— Dr Wil Rose

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