As the sun becomes brighter and more giving of its light, recharge and refresh your body, mind and soul. Join us on April 2nd and get healthy tips from Roma van der Walt, Founder of  Chitta Wellness. She will help you to get ready for a new season ! She will aslo inspire you to connect inward and discover your true potential. 

You will also meet Stanley CrismanFounder of Stanley's Pharmacy & Wellness Bar. Stanley will discuss "mind, body, soul" health tips for Spring, and share important vitamins, minerals and systemic cleansers/boosters that can rev up the body and clear the mind for the season.

Each participants will receive complementary wellness cocktail "elixir" prepared by Stanley ! 



APRIL 2nd, 6pm - 8pm

Address: Stanley's Pharmacy & Wellness Bar 

31 Ludlow St, Lower East Side, Manhattan, 10002

(b/t Canal St & Hester St;  B D F subway) 


We will have a raffle as always !

You could win a FREE one on one 30 min session with Roma, or a ticket to one of her group classes. Plus  2 DVDs with "My Father the Luo" film !!!  Plus each participants will receive a complimentary wellness cocktail  - elixir from Drink Menu prepared by Stanley !


Register by March 22nd with a discounted price of $25

$35 After March 22nd. $45 at the door (you need to RSVP before event to be able to purchase a ticket at the door). We have limited space. Please understand and register before coming ;) Thank you ! 

About Special Guests:

Roma van der Walt - Founder of Chitta Wellness - Mind & Body Transformation


Roma is a former international athlete who represented Germany in the Modern Pentathlon who has made her passion her work. She focuses on making exercise fun, diverse and stimulating emotionally and physically to ensure the sustainability of her clients' progress. She is a firm believer in positive encouragement and working together to help people embrace the joy of healthy living. Roma draws from disciplines such as traditional conditioning, cardio, strength, yoga, martial arts, chi kung and dance. With the knowledge from her Masters degree in sports science, her experience as an elite athlete, Roma wants to inspire people to connect inward and discover their true potential.

Chitta =  sanskrit for perception, thinking and memory.

Chitta Wellness was founded on the belief that every person can realize their ideal body by going back to the basics in exercise and nutrition. Everyone has a weight at which they thrive, they feel powerful, beautiful and well nourished. Once you get (back) there, this positive shift in lifestyle will also show in your appearance and mood.

It is this ‘mind stuff’ that we accumulate throughout our life which determines whether we enjoy exercise and healthy nutrition or not. ‘Chitta’ is also the part of the mind that stores impressions and experiences. At Chitta Wellness you learn to get back in tune with your body and mind. Training is tailored to your goal (weight loss, overall well-being, sculpting of individual body parts, pre- and postnatal fitness, calmness for body and mind, etc.) and conducted through exercises which you enjoy and in which you  achieve the desired results in the most sustainable way. You  get nutrition advice during the sessions and additional support to stick to your goals in between workouts. Your mindset determine the exercises on any given day which  result in steady progress and a sustainable lifestyle from there on forward.

Roma  tailors every session to meet your specific needs. Whether to work on weight loss, preparing for a big event (social or athletic), enhance your mood, heal injuries or aide with pre- and postnatal fitness. Roma’s extensive experience in various athletic disciplines  ensures that the training is diverse, fun, playful and safe. You may end up doing things you never thought you could! Roma speaks English, Polish, and German. For more info you can visit

You can see Roma in a documentary film "MY FATHER THE LUO" (dir. Tomasz Magierski)

About Film:

My Father the Luo is a film about finding one’s identity. The main character is Roma Ndolo, a young woman who grew up in Germany with parents from Poland and Kenya. She had always longed to find out more about her “African side” so she travels to her late father’s homeland. While there, she recognizes the parallels between her own life and that of President Barack Obama. Each of their fathers were from the Luo tribe and Obama’s half sister is Roma’s family friend. This film was shot during the Democratic Convention in Denver 2008. Not surprisingly there is also a historic footage of Senator Obama’s trip to Kenya in 2006. Roma visits her grandmother whom she has not seen in many years, and also honors the grave of her father for the first time. Everywhere she travels she is warmly welcomed and becomes more and more comfortable with her African origins. It is a portrait of a person successfully integrating her multicultural identity. More about film:


Register by March 22nd with a discounted price of $25