Successful New Year's Resolutions

New York - New Year - New You - ELITE Event

December 11th, 2013, starts at 6:30.

M White Bar, 448 East 13th St. New York, N.Y.

(next to the corner of Ave A between Ave A and First Ave.)


Are you ready to make all that you want come true?

With every New Year we hope to bring change into our lives that will evolve into being a better person.

New year resolutions are special and are made  most often and  unfortunately end up being a big disappointment . The reasons for the negative outcomes are: The goal is not realistic, it isn't set in a  timely fashion and finally our limiting belief about ourselves will not allow for the resolution to come to positive fruition.

To have what you want in life there has to be an emotional harmony between your conscious idea and subconscious feeling.  All is in control of the subconscious mind. The process of Re-educating  your subconscious mind will allow you to achieve goals you want. Miracles only happen when you are ready for change and you are ready to participate.

Learn about different ways to achieve what you want in 2014 !!!


Special Guests:


Iwona A. Iwaniuk - Borisenko 

I believe in a power of human mind and I even stronger believe in an empowerment of human beings by unleashing dormant abilities. For last 10 years I have been involved in yoga practice that allows people to understand that they have internal power and ability to live happy fulfilled life and take good care of their health. That believe has pushed me to search for "ways" that would be an easy tools to use daily but also kept me searching for answers, why cannot we live to our full potential. Not to say that there is one answer, but definitely there are levels of our self growth that allow us to accept new discoveries. After teaching yoga for 6 years and practicing for 10, I began again my journey of discovery. 

I am certified clinical hypnotherapist specializing in accelerated healing, interrupted sleep patterns, stress and bad habits reversal among other things. I live in Santa Fe, NM with my husband. I believe hypnosis can improve your life, actually you can improve your life trough hypnosis.




Izabella Karpik

 Inspiring Runner of the New York City Marathon

There are thousands of inspiring stories in every marathon. We asked Izabella to share her story with New York-New You ELITE Group. She inspires everyone around her that you can achieve anything you set your mind to and overcome challenges... it all starts with having a dream and setting a goal... 







Everybody needs to pre-purchase an online ticket in order to participate. Tickets at the door $50.00

Purchase your ticket by Dec 6th and save.

Tickets for NY-NU Members with Membership - $20          Tickets for Guests, Non Members - $25

Tickets after Dec 6th:

Tickets for NY-NU Members with Membership - $30           Tickets for Guests, Non Members - $35

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