Call Ilona for Home & Wellness Concierge, property management, and Personal Assistant services in Manhattan.

Choose one of the following options: 

- a la carte (pay as you go) services for a short time, for instance on a one time basis billed at a rate of $55-75/hour based on the type of service(s) and the cost of any product or fees incurred during the performance of the service. One hour minimum. Multiple tasks may be combined into an hour. 

- on a project basis

- or on a recurring basis with a pre-paid package of discounted hours, Concierge Membership plans pair a priceless sense of convenience and cost savings. As an added benefit, priority of services is given to clients who are subscribed members. 

Multi-Hour Packages

  • Basic Package - 20 hours of concierge service (10% discount)
  • Deluxe Package - 50 hours of concierge service monthly (15% discount)
  • Premier Package - 100 hours of concierge service monthly (20% discount)

Proudly serving Manhattan, and surrounding boroughs. Call for a free estimate and get the best pricing on a custom concierge service package based on your unique needs! Purchase a membership package today!

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of Time. You can select from one of our packages or design your own. This is the perfect gift for any family member or friend. Please call Ilona (917 291 9491) to order your gift certificate. 

General Pricing Policies

  • Most services are priced at an hourly rate of $55-75 per hour.
  • There is a 1 hour minimum charge except on packages. For packages and after 1 hour, the rate will be charged in 30 minute increments.
  • Hourly rate begins from the time the office is left until the requested task is completed.
  • Cost of any purchases is NOT included in hourly rate.
  • $50 fee will be assessed for returned checks in addition to fees/charges imposed by banking institution.
  • Services that are canceled late or unable to be performed due to lack of access or other client caused issue will be billed at normal rates.