is an International Art & Interior Consultancy in New York City that specializes in solutions and products for creating artistic and one of a kind interior space.

Ilona collaborates with both established and up-and-coming talents in contemporary art & design, and she offers consumers an entire lifestyle in which to live both boldly and artfully via curated art & design collections, furniture, decorative accessories, lighting, occasional items, and more. 



Ilona's vision is to enhance & empower personal & professional brands through artfully reinventing their interior space,and creating unique experiences for brand owners, and those who interact with them. 

Our physical space is an extension of who we are. We want our space to express our DNA and leave a lasting impression. Ilona helps with sourcing, curating, and the proper display of art collections that truly reflect your successes, style and lifestyle. She is dedicated to find the perfect statement piece for any client or project. She also offers  furniture, art objects, and decorative accessories for residential and commercials space. 



Ilona believes that It is important to surround yourself with things that you love. 

Ilona will help you conscientiously choose the possessions you bring into your space.  This process allows you to think outside the box. You might even surprise yourself by uncovering some new aspect of your own personality! She will keep it light and let the décor showcase your personality, desires and personal taste. Ilona can also help with botanically inspired décor. She brings nature indoors. She provides the highest quality and the freshest product, we specializes in unique and sophisticated designs.