TRANSFORM your MIND & BODY - New York - New You ELITE Day


 You Are Invited to:

New York - New You ELITE Day


DATE: Sunday, June 9th, Time: 10am – 5:00pm

PLACE: Klara Beauty Lab, 50 East 78th Street NYC


with Renata Patecka Orr

Health, Wellness and Beauty Expert

The Founder & Owner of:


✔stop dieting and start enjoying food

✔stop cravings and binges

✔lose those extra pounds

✔align your mind and body

✔stop using willpower

✔have more energy

✔boost your metabolism

✔get healthy in the process



- how to cleanse, nourish and beautify by utilizing the benefits of a nutrient dense diet

- how to beautify and rejuvenate at the deepest level

- how your mindset keeps you stuck where you are… and how to change it

- how to stop using willpower and start getting results

- what to eat, how to eat, and why to eat it and what not to eat and why

- what are the missing elements in your existing diet and how to incorporate them easily

- how to makeover your kitchen and pantry to set the stage for change

- important facts about fats, carbs and proteins that are easy to absorb

- fun ways to read nutrition labels that you'll always remember

- tools for living a more balanced life

- stress management techniques

- how to properly plan and monitor your short term cleanse


- strategies on how to align your body and mind to get the results

- healthy cooking recipes

- a 3-day spring cleanse menu with recipes

- delicious smoothie tasting

- exclusive tips on smoothies and juicing

- recipes for green smoothies and juices

- stress management, self care and relaxation techniques

- daily checklist to help you track your progress

 - AND you will get your questions answered

YOUR GIFTS include:

- A warm-up session with Renata a week before the workshop!

- A follow up session after the event to keep the momentum going!

- Renata's Cooking with Greens DVD presentation with 4 delicious recipes!

- 50 Tips To Great Health And A Sexy Body!

Here is a delicious taste of the TRANSFORM YOUR MIND AND BODY sessions:

Session 1. You’ll learn: How to stop using willpower and start using a new mindset to start getting the results you always dreamed about.  

You’ll shift the way you think about dieting and set goals to make your health and happiness a priority.

Session 2. You’ll learn: How to set stage for the change and makeover your kitchen and pantry. We’ll evaluate your existing diet and get rid of the unhealthy tempting foods that sabotage your diet. You’ll learn how to read nutritional labels that will open your eyes to what is in the packaged foods you are eating.

Session 3. You’ll learn: How to create your New Power Plate and important facts about Fat, Carbs, Protein and the missing elements in the Standard American Diet. You’ll discover the amazing health protecting and supporting compounds of food.

Session 4. You’ll learn: How to take your nutrition to the next level utilizing the powerful benefits of a short term Spring Cleanse.

Session 5. An interactive Q&A session. Have your questions answered.


About Renata:

An experienced health, wellness and beauty expert and the founder and owner of Renata develops personalized strategies for elegant women and very cool men to lose weight, feel great and look fabulous.

Her career spanning over 15 years in the nutrition, beauty, skin care and fashion worlds, make her uniquely qualified to help you create your personal roadmap to a Fabulous New You.

She received her nutritional training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she was introduced to over one hundred dietary theories. Based of her own experience she created The 8 Step Diet-Free System To Lose Weight, Feel Great And Look Fabulous.

As an original partner and Managing Director of Ananas Spa in Southampton, NY, Renata developed a range of beauty and skin care programs for hundreds of loyal and appreciative clients, including Nicole Kidman and Renee Zellweger.

Born and educated in Warsaw, Poland where she received her undergraduate degree in Economics and her MBA in Management, she ran several international businesses in Poland, including a highly successful fashion business, before moving to the U.S.

Renata is fluent in English, Polish and Russian and is a great example of practicing what she preaches.

Featured on Nightly News with Chuck Scarborough and on the Ladies’ Room on LTV on LI, Renata lives in Westchester, NY with her husband, Sean, and beautiful Havanese, Dolce. Her daughter, Sonia, is an MBA student at the NYU Stern School and lives in NYC.


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