31 March - 1 April 2012 - Your Spring Metamorphose

Your Spring Metamorphose - New York – New You


31 March - 1 April 2012,

Saturday: 10 am – 6 pm, Sunday: 11 am -4 pm

INGLOT USA, Chelsea Market Bldg.

 75 9th Avenue, NYC. 5th Floor

Language: POLISH



New York – New You – Your Spring Metamorphose is a comprehensive workshop for women, who have a desire for change in their life. It is designed in a way, to allow space for inner as well as outer beauty growth. Workshop will take place in a beautiful INGLOT Cosmetics studio space on the 5th floor of Chelsea Market.

If you would like to:

  • Change the way you relate to other people.

Perhaps you feel that your life would be a more positive experience, if you could just improve the quality of your relationships. In other words, you want to develop your people skills.

  • Change the way you look.

Perhaps you feel that losing 10 or 15 pounds, and getting back in shape, would make a big difference. Maybe you think that fresh hair style, new make-up, and discovering your own unique fashion style will impact on your total self-image and change the way you feel.

  • Improve your financial situation

Many people are hurting because of the economic downturn, and consequently, they are looking for a positive financial change or a new career.

  • Regain passion in your life.

You feel that you are not creating enough space in your life for joy and the things you love to do. You are all the time focused to get through the day, solve the problems and survive instead of really enjoying yourself every day, appreciating life and being happy even with the little things.

  • Start taking care of yourself better.

Perhaps you are the last person you even consider taking care of – you put your family and friends first when it comes to health, nutrition, fitness or personal growth. You would like to get to know your needs and desires and commit yourself to treat it with respect and attention.

If you answered to yourself “yes, this is what I want to change” to any of the points above or there is another aspect in your life you want to change, this workshop is for you.


Day 1 – New YOU

Your BODY - Spring Cleanse 

You will learn how to:

  • Re-energize your body this spring
  • Give your body a good spring cleanse for health
  • Choose and prepare healthier food and meals.

Speaker – Basia Revi - Certified Integrative Nutrition and Lifestyle Health Coach, Metropolitan Opera Guild Teaching Artist and a professional singer.

She works with women and men who are in transition in their career and relationships, faced with stress, health and weight challenges. She works as a mentor and a health coach for the incoming students at the Integrative Nutrition. Basia received her training at The Institute for Integrative Nutritionin New York City. She is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She is also completing her RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training at Westchester Yoga Arts. Basia leads workshops on nutrition, cooking classes and offers individual health and nutrition coaching programs.


The role of vision and goals in life

You will:

  • Create your vision of a fulfilled life
  • Make a snap shot of your life now and see how satisfied you are in different areas
  • Set specific goals which will enable you to work towards the life you have envisioned.

Trainer – Kaja Podgórna Strzelec - Certified Professional Coach, NLP Coach Practitioner & Business Trainer

Kaja Podgorna-Strzelec is a personal coach with 6 years of HR-related experience in corporate environment. Kaja’s main area of expertise lies in development and performance coaching. She coordinated key talent development programs, mentoring programs, succession planning processes, 360 degrees programs and development centers. She delivered numerous instructor-led courses and workshops.Currently, Kaja works with individual Clients. Through an ongoing coaching relationship, she empowers and challenges them to gain clarity about their aspirations, set specific goals and hold them accountable on their way to achieving their vision.


 Co-create your perfect life : The Law of Attraction & The Power of Manifestation

You will learn how to:

  • Change your vibration and elevate your life
  • Use the law of attraction to get what you want/ in the highest good of all
  • Release fears and elevate yourself from negative thinking
  • Make life FUN- using the child within to achieve your goals

What your skin really needs ? 

You will learn how to:

  • Feed your skin with natural face and body products
  • Recognize what your skin really needs
  • Make your own, 100 % natural skin products and home spa

Speaker Kasia Grzegorzewska – Natural Cosmetic Maker, Herbalist.

Kasia believes in and promotes the idea that says: “each of us is the only and ultimate expert in the matter of their own health and body.” She has been using her own handcrafted cosmetics and herbal products for many years.



“Motivation and Inspiration”

  • Positive changes in your life leading to a better future
  • Understanding yourself as a key to success
  • Benefits of cooperation and conversation with other people
  • Breakthough moment inspiring positive life changes

Speaker: Kinga Komorowski

Kinga is holding an AAS degree in Business Management from BMCC, as well as a BA degree in International Criminal Justice with a minor in Forensic Psychology, and a MA degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Criminology and Deviance, both from John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Her passion has always been helping others, pursuing justice, and understanding human nature. She is currently working on opening her own non-profit organization focused on assisting victims of violence. Her goal is to provide help and support to those in need, to inspire them to be good and to do good, to motivate people to be successful and satisfied with their professional and personal lives, to encourage personal growth, empathy, and reciprocity, and to provide support through facilitation of lifetime connections and networking.

For more information about each speaker please go to: SPEAKERS


BONUS Make-up show by Hayden Tee from INGLOT Cosmetics USA (smokey eyes)



Hayden has worked as a makeup artist since the late 1990’s. After studying at the Academy of Film and Television Makeup in his native country New Zealand, Hayden secured a position as makeup assistant on the popular television series ‘Zena Warrior Princess’. After moving to Australia Hayden was a regular at Mercedes Australian Fashion Week as a makeup artist on a number of shows over a period of five years. Hayden has had extensive experience with theatrical makeup designing the makeup for the famous Bell Shakespeare companies production of ‘A Midsummer nights dream’ at the Sydney Opera House and traveled the world working in the UK, South Korea, Taiwan and the USA as an artist on popular shows such as Cats, Jekyll and Hyde, Les Miserables, Titanic, Little Women the Musical, South Pacific and many more.

Hayden worked as a special events artist for MAC cosmetics for five years specializing in body painting. Hayden is thrilled to be working for Inglot cosmetics in the capacity of social media, event coordinator and senior artist.


Day 2 – New LOOK

Develop a unique, timeless, and powerful image.

All of our premier beauty and fashion consultants will be on hand to work with you one-on-one.

You will get a consultation with:

-       Make-up artist:

Color Analysis, face shapes, daily make-up consultation and application - Sponsored by INGLOT Cosmetics.

-      Hair and Fashion Stylist:

Face Shapes/Hair Styles, new trends - Fashion stylist will help you to choose the perfect outfit for your body type and your look.

After New LOOK consultation, you will shop at INGLOT Cosmetics with $50 gift card from us ! And at the end of this session, our photographers Edyta & Michal will be ready to take photos of NEW YOU !!!
When you leave at the end of the second day you will have gained the skills and knowledge to take yourself to the next level in your life. You will feel more powerful and in charge of your own destiny knowing that your image and presence say the right things about you.
New York – New You workshop will give you a better understanding of yourself and what is important for you in your life. You will also learn how to grow, expand and overcome obstacles along the way. You will feel empowered and committed to designing and living the life you want.

PRICE:  $ 240



  • $50 gift card for shopping at INGLOT make-up studio (during 2 days workshop)
  • Make-up Show by INGLOT Cosmetics  (at the end of the first day of workshop)
  • Gift Certificate for 30 min session with Health Nutrition Coach – Basia Revi ($75 value)
  • Gift Certificate for 45 min session with Life Coach – Kaja Podgórna ($75 value)
  • FREE digital photo from your professional session with photographer Edyta Leszczak
  • 10 % discount for future workshops
  • “New York New You”   Workshop Certificate