Live with Passion - April 12th - Atlas Sky Terrace



     7 pm on Thursday, April 12th , at the Atlas Sky Terrace

in Midtown Manhattan, 66 W38th St at 6th Ave.

Enjoy the sunset view of NYC from the 47th floor

Our Host - Ewa Szyba

Special Guest - Joanne Goughan - National Vice President of Arbonne



About Ewa:

I’m a 30 year old, energetic female with a teaching background who discovered her huge passion for self-growth 2 years ago.

Like they say, it is just a matter of moment when we make the shift in life.

I found my destiny shortly after attending my first Tony Robbins seminar, “Unleash the Power Within”. I have awaken the drive to perfect the life of my dreams. I decided to apply what I learned about living with passion and began a new journey in January 2012 when a girlfriend of mine called me up and said, “Do you remember when I told you we will be in business together one day? Now is the time girlfriend!” After listening to her for 20 minutes I really felt like this is it!

Today, I’m in the business of changing lives. My dream is to help people take their lives to the next level by bringing beauty, health and prosperity to them. I am inviting you to learn and listen to what I’m doing.

Arbonne invited me to live beautifully through botanically based beauty, health and wellness products offered through a knowledgeable global network of Independent Consultants.

“Happiness lies, first of all, in health”-George William Curtis

There are three mandates to lasting Health and Vitality that we all must live by in order to experience the lasting health and energy we all deserve:

1. Stop the poisoning
2. Cleanse and detoxify our body to eliminate built up waste
3. Revitalize and regenerate our body to provide it with its essential needs

In life everything happens for a reason. By coming to this event you will meet our special guest - Joanne Goughan, National Vice President of Arbonne. She is an outstanding woman that leads by example that will expose you to new points of view from the world’s experts in the areas of health and beauty.

Our group presentation begins at  7pm. Feel excited to come and try outstanding products that day. As you use our products, we believe you’ll develop strong personal testimonials about the benefits you experience yourself.

Our life is our own each day and we design how to live it. The journey just began and I want to welcome each one of you who I will serve in changing the course of your future because nothing tastes as good as absolute health and energy feels!


We have space for max. 10 people, please make a reservation for your seat by contacting Ilona at 917-703-3089,