Fitness meets Fashion

Fitness meets Fashion

with our Special Guest - Sylwia Wiesenberg - Founder of Tonique Fitness.

February 7th  2013, 6:00 pm

Jay Ahr Showroom

801  Madison Ave, New York, NY




Tickets: $30. Eventbrite - Fitness meets Fashion

Each participant will receive 2 newest DVDs from Tonique Fitness ( $55 value )

Event will take place at  the beautiful Jay Ahr showroom in NYC

(801 Madison Ave at E68th St.), 5th floor.



About Sylwia:

Tonique Fitness was created by Sylwia Wiesenberg more than nine years ago as a workout method to help women to achieve their full potential in life. Tonique is complete lifestyle method, where fitness meets food and fashion. Tonique focuses on redirecting women away from their existing and often unhealthy routines, and taking them on the journey through movement and food, Sylwia's two great passions that she pursues everyday of her life.

She is a strong believer that without movement and indulgence life the pleasures of life are limited.  We need both in order to live life to its fittest and its fullest. She is not a "foodie" as the term is currently over used by many people.  She is an ingredient finder to improve her lifestyle and to add something special to her life and then to share with others - an ingredient that will enhance a meal, provide a spectrum of nutrition and wow others who try it.

Ever since Sylwia was a little girl, her life has been surrounded by food and fitness, and fashion.  She did gymnastics for nine years and shopped for the entire family at local communist markets in Poland, buying only the freshest and seasonal ingredients. Her obsession turned into passion, and allows her to experience life by discovering cultures, people and connecting with them on a very personal level. Food and Fitness bring people together, opening their desires, concerns, and allowing them to express themselves. This is why Tonique is a complete lifestyle where movement is as important as indulgence, but indulgence in moderation and in respect to your body. Finding your our balance is the key to fitter, healthier and more confident you.

Today, Sylwia is able to help thousands of women around the World to feel better and look better. She receives amazing email from Tonique followers who thank her and her method for bringing them a ray of hope, the power to never give up and inspiration to follow their dreams, and giving them the best butt ever! She will continue her mission to motivate, inspire and educate woman (and men) on how to live life better.


Please learn more about me and Tonique at

Tonique Woman - is a blog for women who share passion for Fitness, Food and Fashion.

Currently there are seven Tonique workout DVDs, all also available as downloads.

Tonique Mat won best of 2012 Lower Body Transformer Fitness Magazine Reader's Choice.

Sylwia is a contributor to Fitness Magazine and a regular on WLNY CBS Fit Minute. She has appeared on ABC and CBS doing cooking, juicing and workouts. TVN Poland, TVP2, Canal Plus.

She was the Woman of the Month in Shape Poland as an inspiration to women.  She has also appeared in publications such as Weight Watchers, Self, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Shape Germany, Body Plus Japan, Joy, and Party, among others.

Interview with Sylwia:


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