“Smile at your Challenges” - Inspiring Tips.

“Smile at your Challenges”

Inspiring tips from Danielle’s Pashko debut book.

We plan and God laughs, but there's always a reason behind our circumstance. It takes more than just going gluten free, drinking green juice, and practicing yoga to solve our problems. We can take all the external measures in the world to achieve health and happiness, but there are never any guarantees. I recommend you to try these:

Live your relationships the best.

What matters the most in life are relationships, great relationships make great life. Relationships with others, with a higher power, and most importantly, the ongoing relationship with your own selves. Make sure you are living your relationships the best .

Recognize your inner beauty.

Don’t always think that the pretty girl has won a lottery. When there’s luck in one area, many times there is lack in another. When you look in the mirror, try no to only focus on your physical reflection – but recognize all the inner qualities that make you beautiful.

Just be yourself !

It’s easy to follow the crowd. Become comfortable with your own skin and not try to fit where you don’t belong. If you are happy with yourself, you’re not missing anything.

Stay Healthy

Being healthy isn’t just a measure of how far you can run, how flexible you are, or how defined your six pack is. You want to feel well and be physically fit but not neglect the importance of things like love, friendship, happiness, community, creativity, and having fun. Those are things that will carry you through life and make it worth living.

Don’t lose yourself for a Partner

It’s the best thing in the world to find love but not at the expense of giving up everything. Before you jump into something too serious, spend time with this person around your friends and family and observe if they get along. Be open about your core beliefs and aspirations. Make sure they are in alignment or at least respected by your partner. There are some things you can compromise on but never on WHO you are.

Surround yourself with only positive people.

Having a support system of the right people will help you to be the best you can be and to build your confidence when things don’t work out. The people closest to you should never leave you feeling anxious, unhappy, or insecure. Instead, they should be your cheerleaders helping you to materialize your dreams.

Gotta have faith

Our thoughts are powerful and we need to be careful about what we ask for and put out energetically. This also shows us that – with some faith and conviction – we all have the ability to change our circumstance for the better.

Do what you love!

The world is yours to take on. As you create the story of your life, make it a good one!

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